What to do this 2023 to be accepted to college
What to do this 2023 to be accepted to college

In recent years, college enrollment has declined as many students settle for minimum wage jobs after high school. However, despite the convenience of low-skill jobs, going to college offers a much greater long-term benefit.

"More than 1 million fewer students were enrolled in college compared to before the pandemic began.

- NPR (@NPR) January 13, 2022
In this videoI will talk to you about what you need to do in 2023 to maximize your chances of going to an excellent college in the United States with the most aid and scholarships.
Short-term benefits of a minimum wage
short-term benefits of a minimum wage

Obtaining a part-time job for high school students can bring many short-term benefits, such as earning an immediate income and acquiring useful employability skills. However, as high school students continue on to higher education, it is important to consider the long-term benefits of higher education versus part-time jobs.

Long-Term Benefits of a College Degree
LONG-TERM benefits of a UNIVERSITY degree

Students who continue with higher education can gain greater long-term financial security by increasing their level of education. College graduates also have a greater chance of obtaining a higher paying job and a better position in the future.

Higher education can also open the door to a variety of career opportunities, such as master's programs or specialization, allowing for greater career mobility. In addition, college graduates can also gain new skills and additional knowledge that will help them advance in their careers. In conclusion, while part-time work during high school may have short-term benefits, the long-term benefits of higher education are far greater.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that bachelor's degree holders earn on average $$525 more per week than those with only a high school diploma.

If you have children at home who are going to college, they need to plan ahead. 

Wait until the last year of High Schoolor worse, to assume that the counselor of the High School will solve everything for you, it could cause irreversible financial damage to both your finances and those of your children.

These are the three things they have to do to be able to go to college:

define whether they will go to college
teaming parents and students
follow a step-by-step guide

Following a step-by-step guide will help them maximize their chances of getting into an excellent college with aid and scholarships.

Applying each of these three tips in a timely manner helped me and my three siblings go to excellent universities in the United States with over $$600,000 in aid and scholarships.

If you want to learn how to help your children get accepted to an excellent university in the United States with scholarships, I invite you to register to watch our free presentation: 6 Tips for Going to College on Scholarship.

I hope this information is of great value to you!

- David


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