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Today we will talk about the Top 10 Latinos who went to college in the United States. The selection criteria we used to compile this list include the following: the character's fame, professional trajectory and level of education.

From the Super Bowl to the Oscar Awards, Latinos have made their mark in the United States.

And while these figures are mostly recognized for their great contributions to music, film and sports, you'll be surprised to see how these celebrities have also made it in the classroom, so let's get started.

Number 10: William Levy - Saint Thomas University

Born and raised in Cojimar, Cuba, William Levy rose to fame acting in telenovelas such as "Cuidado con el Ángel" and "La Tempestad."  

Years later, Levy can boast of having participated in such diverse productions as the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie and the dance competition, Dancing with the Stars.

In addition, his career includes an appearance on the children's program Sesame Street!
But before he made it in the world of television, Levy had other dreams. When he immigrated to the United States, his goal was to play professional baseball. After completing high school in Miami, Florida, WIlliam Levy pursued that dream by continuing his studies at the University of Saint Thomas on a baseball athletic scholarship.

Number 9: Pitbull - Doral College

Armando Christian Perez, better known as Pitbull, is a character who, in the Latin world, needs no introduction. The multi-Grammy award winning rapper is more than just the author of hits like Bon Bon and Fireball, he is also an environmental activist and a businessman whose personal wealth is worth $$80 MDD (Eighty million dollars). 

His music has also allowed him to sign contracts with major international companies such as Bud Light, Kodak, Playboy, Walmart and Dr. pepper, making the Cuban rapper a worldwide icon and a source of Latin pride. 

But before achieving international fame, Pitbull graduated from Miami Coral Park High School, where he learned the importance of having a good teacher.

Years later, Pitbull launched an educational initiative by founding elementary and high schools across the United States and despite not pursuing the traditional four-year college degree, in 2014 Pitbull received an Honorary Degree from Doral College for his brilliant career. 

Number 8: Eva Longoria - California State / Texas A&M

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Eva Longoria rose to stardom after her role in the American television series Desperate Housewives. Her professional achievements include hosting the 2016 FIFA The Best Awards, appearances on shows such as Brooklyn 99 and The Simpsons, and even a nomination for Best Actress in a Television Series at the 2006 Golden Globes. 

But in addition to having a great artistic career, Eva Longoria has also shined in the classroom. In the 90s, Longoria studied at Texas A&M University- Kingsville and received her degree in kinesiology. And, if that wasn't enough, in 2013 she decided to continue her studies at the University of California, California State University, Northridge, where she earned a master's degree in Chicano Studies.

Eva Longoria has probably used much of what she learned in her master's degree as she has been a very involved activist in migration policy.

Number 7: Andy Garcia - Florida International University

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1956, Andy Garcia is the definition of the American dream, having immigrated to the United States at the age of 5 and achieved stardom in Hollywood. 

The Miami-bred actor can boast of having been nominated for an Oscar Award for his role as Vincent Corleone in the movie The Godfather.

His professional career also includes films such as Mamma Mia and The Pink Panther. But despite immigrating to the United States at a young age, Andy Garcia never forgot his Cuban roots.

Garcia attended Miami Beach Senior High School, where in addition to playing basketball and studying, he also developed an interest in acting.

The Cuban actor studied at Florida International University.

During her time in college, Garcia studied acting and immediately after graduation decided to move to Hollywood to begin writing her big story (INSERT CLIP OF HIM ACTING). 

Today, Andy Garcia can boast of his accomplishments as an actor, husband and father. And like fine wines, this actor seems to get better and better as the years go by. 

Number 6: Shakira - UCLA / University of Pennsylvania

In the history of Latin music, Shakira's chapter is written in golden letters. 

The famous Colombian singer has been delighting the world with her music for two decades. Achieving an important number of awards and recognitions in her prestigious career.

His achievements include Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, Billboard Awards and even Guinness World Records.

In addition to all this, Shakira is known worldwide for her participation in two of the biggest sporting events in the world: One of them at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where she was in charge of being the singer-songwriter behind the official song of the event, "Waka Waka". And the other being the 2020 Super Bowl, where, along with Jennifer Lopez, she gave one of the best halftime shows in history. 

Many in the world recognize Shakira's music, but few know that academic preparation has been an important part of her life.

In 2007, after finishing the tour for her album Oral Fixation, Shakira decided she needed a change, and that's how she ended up at UCLA.

"I went completely unnoticed and no one recognized me for the months I was going to class. I would put on a baseball cap and sweatpants and show up in the classroom without raising the slightest suspicion."

Shakira told The Guardian in an interview in 2009. 

Shakira studied History of Western Civilization for a semester. On top of that, the Colombian can speak 6 languages.

But that's not all. While many people used the quarantine caused by the coronavirus to watch La Casa de Papel or other series on Netflix, Shakira used this time to enroll and graduate from a course in Ancient Philosophy offered by the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most prestigious ivy league institutions worldwide.

Education is obviously very important to Shakira. She takes great pride in her foundation "Pies Descalzos".

Number 5: Gloria Stefan -  University of Miami

From Havana, Cuba to the world: Gloria Estefan is a symbol for Latinos. 

The Cuban singer, has been the architect of great musical hits such as "Conga," "Turn the Beat Around," and "Mi Tierra". In addition, Estefan has received Grammys, Billboard awards and was even recognized by President Barack Obama in 2015 with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This Latin icon also sang at the closing ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

The question is: Where did Gloria Estefan study?

That's right, Gloria studied at the University of MiamiIn 1979 she graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in French. Despite all the fame she has achieved, Gloria Estefan has always stressed the importance of education. 

Number 4: Benicio del Toro - University of California

Benicio del Toro is a Puerto Rican actor of Spanish descent who has won just about everything an actor can win.

From winning an Oscar in 2001 for his performance in the film Traffic, to participating in the world's biggest franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel. Without a doubt, Del Toro has one of the most enviable careers in the history of cinema. 

One of the most important parts of college is the elective classes. Usually when you want to get your college degree, colleges require their students to take a certain number of courses unrelated to their major. 

In the case of Benicio del Toro, by studying a business degree at the University of California, San Diegodecided to enroll in an acting elective class. It was there that her love for acting was born and she decided to pursue her dreams.

After that class, del Toro left the university to continue his acting studies in Los Angeles, and later in New York. 

Even after achieving international fame, the importance of education has never diminished for the del Toro family. 

Number 3: Jennifer Lopez - Baruch College

Jennifer Lopez is the other half of the duo that took the world by storm at the Super Bowl 54 halftime show.

And despite being born and raised in The Bronx, the singer and actress has always raised the flag of Puerto Rico as high as possible. 

From an early age, JLo knew she wanted to be an artist. In 1986, while still in high school, she received her first role in the movie My Little Girl. From that moment on, JLo wanted to focus exclusively on her professional career, however her parents insisted that she attend college. That is why after finishing high school, JLo began her studies at Baruch College. 

After only one semester, JLo decided to leave college to pursue her dreams. This decision allowed her to get opportunities in musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar, and Oklahoma. 

Today, JLo has no regrets about her decision, as her illustrious artistic career has made her a global icon and an example of empowerment for women.

Number 2: Selena Quintanilla - Pacific Miramar University

Known as the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla was an icon of Latin music in the eighties and nineties. Songs like "Amor Prohibido", "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" and "Como la Flor" won the hearts of her Latin audience, and she won a Grammy Award in 1994. 

Her prominence in both music and fashion led to her receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and in 1997, her life was brought to the big screen when Jennifer Lopez took on the role of Selena Quintanilla in a biopic of the Mexican-American. 

After finishing high school at age 17, Selena was accepted to Louisiana State University, but ended up choosing to attend Pacific Western University. There she majored in business. And while many know Selena Quintanilla the singer-songwriter and actress, few know Selena Quintanilla the businesswoman. 

In 1994, Selena Quintanilla opened two boutiques called Selena etc; one in Corpus Christi, and the other in San Antonio. After this, Selena was in talks to expand branches throughout Mexico. Unfortunately, her tragic death in 1995 prevented this from happening. 

But boutiques or no boutiques, the memory of Selena and her music lives on in our hearts. 

Number 1: Luis Fonsi - Florida State University

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, I'm sure you've heard the song Despacito. This track rose to worldwide fame in the summer of 2017 and elevated Luis Fonsi to the top of music stardom. 

After 10 albums, 6 Guinness World Records, appearances in movies and soap operas, coaching the singing competition La Voz, collaborations with American artists such as Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato and many more achievements, Luis Fonsi's career is absolutely brilliant. 

But before all this, Luis was a normal kid. 

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. 

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Fonsi dreamed of growing up to be a member of the popular band Menudo, but when he arrived in Orlando, Florida he had to settle for singing in local musical groups. Even when he was in high school, Luis belonged to a musical group called 'Big Guys'. 

Exactly this same love for music brought Fonsi to college.

In 1995, the genius behind the most viewed video in the history of YouTube began his studies at Florida State University. In addition to his academic commitments, Fonsi also participated in the university choir and sang for the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. 

As a choir member, Luis Fonsi was fortunate enough to travel and record several songs during his time in Tallahassee. Eventually, he graduated with a degree in Music and his experiences and talent allowed him to sign with Universal Music Latino. 

Today, he has become one of the most recognized Latin artists in the world.

And there you have it, these are the Top 10 Famous Latinos Who Went to College in the U.S.

So tell us in the comments if you agree with this list, who else did we miss?

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