The University is a Team Work

On the path to a college education, it is critical to understand that success depends on teamwork. Both parents and students play key roles in this process. In this article, we will explore the individual responsibilities of parents and students, as well as the joint actions they can take to maximize opportunities and achieve educational goals.

In this video we elaborate in depth on the responsibilities of parents, students and joint responsibilities.

Parental Responsibilities:

Parents play a critical role in their children's college journey. Some of the key responsibilities include:

  1. Provide emotional support: Parents should be present to listen, motivate and encourage their children throughout the college preparation and application process.
  2. Encourage financial planning: Help students understand the financial implications of a college education, explore financial aid options and establish a realistic financial plan.
  3. Investigate educational options: Research different programs and colleges that align with your child's academic interests and goals by attending college fairs and visiting campuses.

Student Responsibilities:

Students also have an active role in their college journey. Here are some responsibilities they must assume:

  1. Commitment to academic success: Take studies seriously, set academic goals and seek extracurricular learning opportunities.
  2. Investigate college options: Explore different programs and universities, research admission requirements and application deadlines, and take college campus tours to get a feel for student life.
  3. Prepare for standardized tests: Take required tests, such as the SAT or ACT, seriously and seek out resources to prepare adequately.

Joint Actions:

In addition to individual responsibilities, parents and students can take joint actions to ensure a successful college education:

  1. Open and honest communication: Maintain constant and clear communication between parents and children, discussing expectations, concerns and goals related to college education.
  2. Investigate financial aid options: Explore financial aid options together, such as scholarships, grants and loans, and seek professional advice to better understand the options available.
  3. Planning visits to universities: Conduct college visits as a joint activity, allowing both parents and students to be involved in making informed decisions.


Going to college is a team effort in which parents and students play complementary roles. By assuming your individual responsibilities and taking action together, you can maximize opportunities and pave the way to a successful educational future. Remember that support, communication and planning are key in this exciting process - together you can make it happen!

Help Your Children Earn College Scholarships

Understanding the responsibilities of the student, the parents, and the activities that need to be completed between parents and children is very important. Remember, the college admissions and financing process must be a team effort that, when completed with forethought and organization, is instrumental in obtaining tens of thousands of dollars in aid and scholarships.

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