Hi, I'm Francisco Cantú, one of the advisors for Best College Aid, the largest college readiness platform in the United States. Today I want to share some digital tools and online resources that can help improve the emotional well-being of your teens during the summer of 2023.

1. Meditation and mindfulness applications

Meditation and mindfulness can be excellent allies for managing stress and improving mental health. One of my favorite apps is Headspace (https://www.headspace.com/es), which offers a wide variety of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises for different situations and moods. Best of all, there is a free version with limited content, and if you want access to more options, you can subscribe to the premium version.

2. Applications to control the use of time in social networks.

Limiting the time we spend on social networks can be beneficial to our mental health. Applications such as Freedom (https://freedom.to/) and StayFocusd (https://www.stayfocusd.com/) allow you to set limits on the use of certain applications and websites, helping you to maintain a balance between online and real life.

3. Online resources to manage anxiety

Summer can be an anxious time for teens, especially if they are in the process of preparing for college. The American Psychological Association website (https://www.apa.org/) offers a wealth of resources and tips for managing anxiety, as well as information on other mental health topics.

4. Applications to promote physical exercise

Physical exercise is key to maintaining good mental health. Applications such as Nike Training Club (https://www.nike.com/ntc-app) offer exercise routines that can be performed at home or outdoors, adapting to the needs and skill levels of each individual.

5. Online support groups

Online support groups can be a great way to find others facing similar challenges. Sites such as 7 Cups (https://www.7cups.com/) offer free emotional support, giving you the opportunity to talk to trained volunteers who are willing to listen and help.

These tools and resources can make a big difference in your children's emotional well-being during the summer. Remember that support and open communication between parents and children are also critical to maintaining good mental health.

6. College preparation and emotional well-being

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Our children's emotional well-being is critical to their success in life and academics. By combining the use of digital tools and online resources with our support and guidance as parents, we can make a significant difference in their mental health and their path to higher education.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can help your children achieve their goals and earn scholarships for college. Register today and we'll see you at the presentation!

Remember, as parents, we are the primary advocates and supporters for our children. Together, we can help them meet the challenges of summer and prepare for a successful future.

See you next time!


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