Did you know that there are over $6 billion dollars available in private scholarships and every year millions of dollars in private aid and scholarships go unclaimed? In this blog we will talk about how to win private scholarships for college. 

In the this week's live eventI will talk to you about how to search for and maximize your chances of winning private college scholarships.

"Student debt is the fastest growing category of debt in the U.S.

- Student Debt Crisis Center (SDCC) (@DebtCrisisOrg) February 20, 2022

Find and win private scholarships

In the last 10 years, the number of private scholarships has increased 45% 

This is because private foundations, organizations, and individuals have created private scholarship programs for students who want to continue their college education.

4 types of aid university scholarships

4 types of aid university scholarships

What are private scholarships?

What are private scholarships?

Now I will share with you three tips to search for and maximize your chances of winning private scholarships. 

I) USE online search engines

1. Use online search engines


2. Meets the requirements


3 will be organized

If you want to learn even more tips, sign up to watch our free webinar of the 6 tips for going to college on scholarship.

I hope this information is of great value to you!

- David


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