How to Apply to College (Regular Decision)

A university application under the Regular Decision is an application in which the student applies to the university for the next academic year. The student must provide personal data, academic information and other details. After submitting the application, the student will receive a response from the university regarding admission. This response is normally given between January and March of the following year.

what is a regular decision

I will also share with you some of the most important strategies that we recommend to our members within Best College Aid to help you maximize your chances of getting into the colleges on your list.

The Regular Decision differs from other types of applications, such as early applications (Early Action y Early Decision), where the regular decision typically has a later delivery date.

"Colleges offer four types of admissions applications: early action, early decision, regular decision and rolling admissions."

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Advantages of applying Regular Decision

Advantages of applying Regular Decision

The greatest benefits of applying for admission under Regular Decision are that students have a few more weeks to finalize their college list, improve their standardized test scores, request their letters of recommendation, submit their academic transcripts and any other outstanding items necessary to complete their application.

Disadvantages of applying Regular Decision

Advantages of applying Regular Decision

In spite of the benefits already mentioned, it is important to highlight that in most cases, students who choose to apply early to college maximize their chances of admission, and in some cases, may receive better financial aid packages and scholarships. 

In this videoI will tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of applying to Regular Decision University. 

In this videoWe will talk about other types of university applications: Early Action and Early Decision.

Apply Early Action o Early Decision is a type of admission for students who want to apply early to college.

If your child decides to apply to a college or university before the regular application deadline, known as the Regular Decisionhe or she will be more likely to be accepted, and in some cases, even receive more aid and scholarships than those who apply. Regular Decision.

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