How I helped my children win scholarships for college

With a lot of hard work and planning, I was able to help my children earn scholarships for college. Here's how!

My 4 children -Francisco, Laura, David and Vidal- celebrating David's graduation in New York in 2019.

First of all, it is important to understand the importance of the extracurricular activities. Many colleges offer scholarships for students who excel in sports, the arts or academics. This does not mean that they must be the best at something, but simply that they should strive and seek out opportunities to excel. For example, my children joined several sports teams, academic teams and art programs, which helped them demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Three advantages of participating in extracurricular activities

In addition to the extracurricular activities, we also had to completing the forms for the 4 types of federal financial aid for students: Grants, Work-Study, Federal Loans, and Federal Tax Credits. This was a long and complicated process, but it was necessary to help my children finance college.

Best College Aid Student Financial Aid Forms

Finally, it was important to understand the university admissions system. This meant researching which colleges offered specific scholarships based on academic performance, sports or extracurricular activities. We also had to make sure my children understood the importance of maintaining good grades to secure admission.

Understanding the admissions system

Thanks to all these efforts, all my children were accepted and received scholarships to college. I am deeply grateful that my children had the opportunity to go to college and I wish them the best in their future.

In this live event, we talked about how I helped my 4 children go to excellent universities in the United States with over $$600,000 in aid and scholarships.

Help Your Children Earn College Scholarships

Understanding each of these issues was instrumental in obtaining tens of thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships.

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I hope this information is of great value to you!

- Lili Cavazos


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